Mass Audubon's Bird-a-thon 2019

Piping Plover chick--J VandeGraaff
Piping Plover chick--J VandeGraaff

Coastal Waterbird Program

Launched in 1986 in response to declining numbers of Piping Plovers and terns in Massachusetts, the Coastal Waterbird Program’s primary objective is to ensure sustainable bird populations and protect coastal habitats throughout the state.  Since then, the program has worked with hundreds of town, agency and private landowners to build populations of nesting plovers and terns on 150 miles of state coastline.  In addition, nearly 1,500 Coastal Waterbird Program monitors have protected birds on beaches, educated beach-goers, and begun wildlife careers at Mass Audubon.  Through these efforts, plovers have increased from 135 nesting pairs to 680.  With this success, the Coastal Waterbird Program is currently focusing on improving reproductive success—the number of young birds fledging—and on providing educational opportunities.  Our 2019 Bird-a-Thon fundraiser will support the CWP Training Program which enrolls 10-12 trainees each year.  College students and early career wildlife managers are mentored by our expeienced staff.  For 35 years, private support has made possible the accomplishments of the Coastal Waterbird Program’s dedicated staff and students, our community partners, and the growing network of coastal bird champions that have helped to restore and protect bird populations and their habitats.


Your support is greatly appreciated! 


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