Mass Audubon's Bird-a-thon 2019

Banded Chickadee returns to the Bird Banding Station
Banded Chickadee returns to the Bird Banding Station

Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Wellfleet's Team Page

On May 10-11, Wellfleet's team of dedicated birders and supporters will participate in Mass Audubon’s annual Bird-a-thon fundraiser.

The centerpiece of Bird-a-thon is a 24-hour birding competition where we vie with other Mass Audubon sanctuaries to see which one can identify the most species of birds. Bird-a-thon serves as a reminder of the variety of wildlife that surrounds us and helps to raise awareness and money for research, conservation, and education programs.

Over the past decade, Bird-a-thon contributions have helped to sustain our bird research and education efforts and enabled us to expand them. We hope you will support these important programs this year by donating to Bird-a-thon.

  • Bird Research: Sanctuary staff and volunteers are actively involved with a variety of bird research projects. Many of the projects focus on endangered or threatened species, or those that have declining populations, and include a strong conservation component. Current, on-going projects include:

1. Protecting terns and plovers in the Coastal Waterbird Program
2. Mapping nesting ospreys
3. Counting migrating hawks
4. Monitoring spring and fall bird migration at the sanctuary’s Bird Banding Station.

  • Bird Education in Local Schools: Sanctuary Educators have developed a semester-long “bird science” curriculum, offered at grades 4, 7, and high school, which includes in-class lessons and field experience. The program was developed to support state education frameworks for life science, which require students to understand concepts such as adaptation and ecosystem functions. Optional visits to the sanctuary’s Bird Banding Station afford students the opportunity to see scientists at work – and observe birds up close.

Your contributions to Bird-a-thon help keep research and educational programs like these going -- programs that benefit adults, children, families, AND wildlife. Our team goal is $15,000. Please help us reach our goal and support this important work by making a donation in any amount to a member of the Wellfleet Bay Bird-a-thon Team.

Whether you donate to one of our team members (listed to the right) or to the team as a whole, your contributions will be much appreciated. 


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