Mass Audubon's Bird-a-thon 2018

American Kestrel at Daniel Webster WS
American Kestrel at Daniel Webster WS

South Shore Sanctuaries

The South Shore Sanctuaries’ Bird-a-thon team is at it again!  

On May 11-12, we’ll be birding during the 2018 Bird-a-thon to raise funds for the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary Stewardship Fund, have fun, and find the most bird species possible in a 24-hour period. Our team has decided to bird only in Plymouth County to be sensitive to the impact that driving has on our environment.

The Daniel Webster Stewardship Fund allows us to:

  • Protect almost 600 acres of land at Daniel Webster WS for nesting bobolinks, American kestrel, tree swallows and many others
  • Maintain our trails and wildlife observation blinds so they can be enjoyed by over 3,500 visitors each year
  • Provide school programs in 10 local communities so that kids can learn about nature in their backyard

Please join us in supporting this important work by making a donation through our team’s fundraising page, or if you have a personal connection to one of our team members – check out their participant page.


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