Mass Audubon's Bird-a-thon 2019

Photo by Sarah Houle
Photo by Sarah Houle

Berkshire Wildlife Sanctuaries

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Nature Needs Our LOVE

This year Pleasant Valley celebrates 90 years of helping people fall in love with nature – with the woods, meadows, waters and wildlife that inhabit them. We know that if people love something, they want to take care of it. And nature desperately needs more people to care for it.

If YOU are a lover of nature, we know that you will want to help.


What is Bird-a-thon?

The main event is a 24-hour birding competition, May 10-11, 2019, where teams representing different Mass Audubon sanctuaries and programs attempt to identify the most species of birds.

The birding competition is a reminder of the variety and abundance of wildlife that make the Berkshires so special and our responsibility to protect their habitat.

Bird-a-thon is also a critical fundraiser for the Berkshire Wildlife Sanctuaries.

But I’m Not a Birder…

You don't have to know your birds to help make the Berkshire Wildlife Sanctuaries’ Bird-a-thon a huge success!

Nature lovers like you make our work possible. Helping people fall in love with nature, protecting the places where that love can bloom, and inspiring personal action to preserve the natural world costs money. Generous individuals, local businesses and foundations cover more than 30% of our expenses. All funds raised in the Berkshires, stays in the Berkshires.

With your support, Bird-a-thon can help us engage even more people to fall in love with nature through:

  • free bird walks offered throughout Berkshire County
  • supporting local interns and volunteers in important citizen science projects in the Berkshires, including monitoring nest boxes and conducting grassland bird counts
  • connecting students in our in-school Berkshire Environmental Literacy program to their local ecosystem and inspiring a lifelong passion for protection of the natural world

Together we can have a lasting impact on the future of the Berkshire environment.

Here’s how YOU can help:

  • Click "Donate Now" on the right to support our team.
  • Set up a fundraising page. Invite your friends and family to support a mission that you believe in.
  • Join our team of birders

If you would prefer to send a check, make it out to Mass Audubon and mail to Stephanie Bergman, Berkshire Wildlife Sanctuaries Bird-a-thon Team, 472 West Mountain Road, Lenox, MA 01240.

Thanks for your support!!

Please note that the Berkshires team will only be birding in Berkshire County (instead of the entire state) to reduce the carbon emissions of our team.

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