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Make a difference in the Pioneer Valley. Support our Valley team.

 From May 15-16, nature heroes from all over Massachusetts will focus on nature by participating in Mass Audubon’s annual Bird-a-thon fundraiser. Due to COVID-19, this will be the organization’s first Bird-at-home-a-thon, which will be carbon-free, safety-focused, and family-friendly!

Teams representing different Mass Audubon sanctuaries and programs will come together to collectively identify as many species of birds in a 24-hour period and also complete other fun, nature-based activities from their home. Bird-a-thon serves as a reminder of the variety and abundance of wildlife that surrounds us and our responsibility to preserve their habitats.

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Help Protect, Educate, and Act in the Pioneer Valley

A gift to Bird-at-home-a-thon makes possible all our work to protect land, educate about the environment, and act to address climate change. In 2020, there is a new level of complexity to doing our work and the need to adapt how we offer programs. Examples of the work that your gift will make possible:

Protect ~ Maintain 140 of acres of grasslands in the Arcadia meadows for Bobolinks, American Kestrels, and Eastern Meadowlark as well as climate change mitigation. Per acre: $80

Educate ~ Offer programs serving over 4,000 students from schools across the Valley.

  • A month of environmental educators’ time to transition in-person programs to lessons for home study ensuring that young people maintain a connection to nature and climate science: $1,000
  • One field trip for 20 high school students to learn about climate change science and solutions: $550.
  • One third-grader joining a field trip to Arcadia to learn about local habitats as part of our partnership with the Holyoke Public School District: $27.

Act ~ Maintain charging stations in the Arcadia parking lot for zero-emissions electric vehicles. Monthly: $125. Weekly: $29

Gifts of all sizes make a difference! Due to the CARES Act economic stimulus legislation, giving up to $300 during 2020 can be tax-deductible, even if you take the standard deduction.

How You Can Make a Difference: Be a Booster

The biggest impact you can make during Bird-a-thon is to be a Booster for the Valley team. As a Booster you use your personal network to connect new people to Arcadia and our important work in the Pioneer Valley. Ask your friends and family to support a mission that you believe in. Boosters can have any size goal, even $25 helps. Common goals are $100 (5 gifts of $20) or $500 (10 gifts of $50).

Why be a Booster? You can make a real difference. You will have a positive and direct impact on increaing our work in the Pioneer Valley. Plus there are two bonuses:

  • Raise $100 - receive a Bird-a-thon t-shirt.
  • Raise $250 - receive an invitation to a birding outing here in the Valley led by David Sibley, ornithologist and author of the Sibley’s guides & Joan Walsh, Bertrand Chair of Natural History and Field Ornithology at Mass Audubon
  • Raise $500 - receive an invitation to a Mass Audbon expert-led birding outing in eastern Mass.

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How You Can Make a Difference: Be a Supporter

You can also simply give a gift to the team. Donations of $10, $27, $80 or $550 all support our work in Pioneer Valley as described above.

Click "Donate Now" on the right to support our team.

If you would prefer to send a check, make it out to Mass Audubon Arcadia and mail to Jonah Keane, Arcadia Bird-a-thon Team, 127 Combs Rd, Easthampton, MA 01027.

Want to be an official birder on the Arcadia team?

Everyone from anywhere is welcome to participate! Send an email by the end of the day on Friday, May 8th to Patti Steinman: to be an official member of the Arcadia team.

Please show your support of our Pioneer Valley team!

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