Mass Audubon's Bird-a-thon 2020

Pileated woodpeckers
Pileated woodpeckers

Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

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These pileated woodpeckers are thriving, but by 2050, could be scarce in Massachusetts due to climate change.  You can help.  May 15-16, birders all over the state will participate in a "Rite of Spring" Bird-a-thon fundraiser. It is a wonderful event that gives birders 24-hours to focus on birds in the field at the height of Spring migration while raising money to support Broadmoor.

Broadmoor will have teams on Martha's Vineyard, in the Berkshires, on Cape Cod, in Greater Boston, at Quabbin/Wachusett and on the North Shore.  Bird-a-thon serves as a reminder of the variety and abundance of wildlife that surrounds us and our responsibility to preserve their habitats.

Funds raised for the Broadmoor teams will help us improve and maintain our beautiful sanctuary and its habitats especially for birds. This year, our funding focus is on education and management for climate change resilience including making our trail system the best it can be to protect the plants and animals that live here and for the comfort and safety of the human guests in our wildlife sanctuary.

Please join us in supporting this important work by making a donation through our team’s fundraising page.  Thank you!

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