Mass Audubon's Bird-a-thon 2020

Rusty Blackbird by Lisa Schibley
Rusty Blackbird by Lisa Schibley

Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

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From May 15-16, nature heroes from all over Massachusetts will focus on nature by participating in Mass Audubon’s annual Bird-a-thon fundraiser. Due to COVID-19, this will be the organization’s first Bird-at-home-a-thon, which will be carbon-free, safety-focused, and family-friendly!

Teams representing different Mass Audubon sanctuaries and programs will come together to collectively identify as many species of birds in a 24-hour period and also complete other fun, nature-based activities from their home. Bird-a-thon serves as a reminder of the variety and abundance of wildlife that surrounds us and our responsibility to preserve their habitats.

This is the first year of Tidmarsh competing in Bird-a-thon but we are excited to participate in order to support Mass Audubon’s efforts to protect and steward the environment of Massachusetts through conservation, education, and advocacy.

About Tidmarsh

Tidmarsh is home to the largest freshwater restoration in the state of Massachusetts – this 481 acre landscape underwent a dramatic transformation from cranberry bog to freshwater wetland just 4 short years ago. Since then, Mass Audubon has worked to permanently protect this landscape, continue restoration efforts across wetlands and uplands on the property, install trails, and host and educate over 35,000 visitors annually on the significance of wetland restoration in the face of climate change.

Tidmarsh shows that with the right science and the right technology we can still take action to fight climate change and protect the nature of Massachusetts

See the video to learn more -

Support Tidmarsh

Please join us in supporting this important work by making a donation through our team’s fundraising page.

Tidmarsh will be using these donations to facilitate building an all-persons trail and a pollinator garden which will ensure everyone can experience this remarkable landscape.

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