Bird-a-thon FAQ

Birders © Jess Huddy

What is Bird-a-thon?

Bird-a-thon has been Mass Audubon's largest annual fundraiser since 1983. The 2021 Bird-a-thon weekend will feature fun nature activities for adults and children in addition to a competitive team birding contest.

How does Bird-a-thon work?

Participants join teams representing different Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuaries and programs. Team members then support their team by birding (either competitively or casually), completing fun nature activities, and raising money for the sanctuaries and programs affiliated with their team. NOTE: For birders, only the species recorded during the 24-hour Bird-a-thon period can be counted.

How do I join a team?

To see which teams are participating this year, click the Join a Team button at the top of this page!

To participate and help raise money for a team, you can register on this website starting March 30. Just click the "Join" button next to a team name to get started. Whether you raise a lot or a little, every dollar makes an impact!
Just want to bird or participate without fundraising? You can register with your Team Captain via a simple online form starting March 30.

Do I have to be interested in birds or birdwatching to participate in Bird-a-thon?

Nope—you don't have to be a birder to participate in Bird-a-thon! Everyone is welcome to join a team—whether you're in to birding, love exploring nature, or just want a good reason to get outside on a spring day. If birds aren't your thing, there are many nature-based activities you can complete to earn points for your team.

Do I need to be an experienced birder in order to bird for my team?

Not at all! Beginners and casual birders are welcome. Teams can win birding awards in two ways—by recording the greatest number of species on the Official Species Checklist, or by having the highest overall birding points total.

If you would like to be part of your team's "checklist" birding group, you can apply beginning March 30. Since there is a size limit for each team's competitive "checklist" birding group, Team Captains may not be able to place all interested birders on that group roster.

Whether you're birding as part of the "checklist" roster or out there earning birding points on your own, the species you see will contribute to your team's chances of snagging an award!

How do I fundraise?

You can fundraise online and/or offline. To fundraise online, create a fundraising page. To fundraise offline, simply collect checks and cash and keep track of your donors and their amounts. Turn cash, checks, and donor information in to your team captain. If you don’t know who the team captain is for your sanctuary/program contact the Bird-a-thon Coordinator by email or at 781-259-2136.