Bird-a-thon Resources

Team Resources

Check out fundraising best practices and team resources in our Fundraising Toolkit. Print and utilize the provided fundraiser flyer and ‘I Bird-a-thon because’ poster to add eye-catching flair to your public spaces. Our custom Bird-a-thon zoom background is also sure to get conversation going on your next virtual meeting.

Click here for other resources including rules, awards, guidelines for Bird-a-thon in the rain and beyond.

Social Media Resources for Your Feed

To help spread the word, use a combination of these graphics and sample posts to share your passion, fundraise, and advocate for the birds and nature of Massachusetts on your social media timeline. Be sure to tag #mabirdathon, @massaudubon, and the wildlife sanctuary social pages you visit, we’d love to see your big day! Where applicable, please link to your team’s donation page, or Mass Audubon’s Bird-a-thon webpage.

To announce your Bird-a-thon participation:

  • I'm excited to be birding for the birds on May 13-14, where I'll compete to raise important funds for @massaudubon's Bird-a-thon and see the most species in 24 hours . My target species this year is [X]. #mabirdathon [+ Link]
  • I just joined the X Team for @massaudubon's Bird-a-thon, May 13-14! I nominate [@nominee1, @nominee2, and @nominee3] to join me in the annual fundraiser and birding competition. #mabirdathon [+ Link]
  • I'm birding for a cause May 13-14, in the [X] Team for this year's @massaudubon Bird-a-thon fundraiser. We'll be competing to raise important funds for Mass Audubon and see the most bird species in 24 hours. Join our team to bird with me or show your support through a donation. #mabirdathon [+ Link]

To fundraise:

  • There are so many reasons to advocate for birds. I'm fundraising and birding for @massaudubon's Bird-a-thon because […]. Please consider donating today. #mabirdathon [+ Link]
  • I'm birding for a cause during @massaudubon's Bird-a-thon fundraiser! Show your support for the nature of Massachusetts and help me reach our fundraising goals by donating today. #mabirdathon [+ Link]
  • How many birds do you think the [X] Bird-a-thon Team can see in 24 hours? Support our flying fundraiser for the non-profit @massaudubon by pledging to donate [$X] for every bird we spot.”

To thank those that helped:

  • The [X] Bird-a-thon Team raised [X] and I raised [X]! Thank you so much to everyone that donated. These critical funds will help @massaudubon in their mission to protect the nature of Massachusetts through nature conservation, education, and advocacy.
  • The [X] Bird-a-thon Team saw [X] species! The highlight of the day was […]. Thanks to all who supported us and donated to help @massaudubon protect the nature of Massachusetts!
  • Thanks for all of your support during @massaudubon’s Bird-a-thon! We saw [X] species in 24 hours and raised $X as a team. I earned a [X] badge for [X] !”

Social Media Resources for Your Story

Use these templates for your social media stories, adding text, progress, and tagging friends and @massadubon!

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