Mass Audubon Bird-a-thon

Metro South Wildlife Sanctuaries

Metro South Wildlife Sanctuaries Team

Blue Hills • Moose Hill • MABA • Stony Brook


You can already hear it, an increased sound of birds calling, when you are in the backyard, or on your neighborhood walk, or when you head to your favorite hiking trail. We cannot help but look up and search for the birds we are hearing as spring migration arrives. For those of us who live here in Massachusetts, spring migration tends to hit its peak in May.

So how do we celebrate this migration? We hold an event, Bird-a-thon, Mass Audubon's largest annual fundraiser. On May 14–15, our team of birders from Blue Hills Trailside Museum, Moose Hill, Museum of American Bird Art, and Stony Brook will set out across the state to search for as many species as possible for 24-hours. This year is particularly special because Mass Audubon is celebrating its 125th anniversary! 

Team Metro South will compete in different birding categories against other regional teams while enjoying the nature Mass Audubon works to protect. Your donation helps our sanctuaries with conservation management – cavity nest box monitoring, our purple martin project, our wildlife care center, and so much more. Plus, your support allows us to continue to develop nature programs and make them available for people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds.

You can support Team Metro South, or a specific team member, by making a donation through this secure fundraising website. In honor of our 125th Anniversary, we hope you might consider a donation of $125, but every dollar counts and every donation is appreciated. Thank you for cheering us on – we can’t wait to share the results from this year with you!

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