Mass Audubon Bird-a-thon

Blackpoll Warbler spotted during Bird-a-thon last year
Blackpoll Warbler spotted during Bird-a-thon last year

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From May 14-15, people from all over Massachusetts will celebrate nature by participating in Mass Audubon’s annual Bird-a-thon fundraiser. 

This year is particularly special because Mass Audubon is celebrating its 125th anniversary! The organization was founded in 1896 by two Boston women who used their voices to stop the slaughter of birds for fashion. Now, in 2021, Mass Audubon remains an independent organization at the forefront of conservation.

Mass Audubon’s Conservation Science Department is dedicated to delivering the best science-based information available to support and advance Mass Audubon’s mission. Our work addresses conservation needs in many habitats including grasslands, forests, shrublands, coastal areas, and coastal islands. 

Your donation to our Bird-a-thon team will help us…

  • Improve bird habitat through forest management on Mass Audubon sanctuaries and on privately-owned land in the state.
  • Conduct climate change vulnerability assessments for many of Mass Audubon's wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Protect grassland birds through The Bobolink Project, which annually protects about 1,000 acres of privately-owned grasslands in New England.
  • Incorporate "Climate-Smart Forestry" into forest management recommendations statewide.
  • Protect federally endangered Roseate Terns both in Massachusetts and in Brazil where they spend the winter
  • Be a voice for birds as offshore wind projects get underway.
  • Steward all of Mass Audubon’s wildlife sanctuaries for wildlife.

…and much, much more.

Thank you for all that you do for the wildlife and nature of Massachusetts! We appreciate your support of our important work.

There are lots of ways to get involved in our Bird-a-thon efforts:

  • Want to make a gift to Science and Bird Conservation's team as a whole? Click Donate Now.
  • Want to support the fundraising efforts of specific team member? Look for their name on the roster to the right and donate through their page.
  • Want to participate in the day-of activities of Bird-a-thon and help us get more points? Email
  • Want to help us raise money for science and bird conservation at Mass Audubon? Click Join Team and create a fundraising page. 

If you would prefer to give via check, send the check payable to Mass Audubon with a note that it is for Science and Bird Conservation's Bird-a-thon team to Margo Mercer's attention at 208 S Great Road, Lincoln, MA 01773.

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