Mass Audubon Bird-a-thon 2022

Metro South

Metro South Team

Blue Hills Trailside Museum • Moose Hill • MABA • Stony Brook

You can already hear it, an increased sound of birds calling, when you are in the backyard, or on your neighborhood walk, or when you head to your favorite hiking trail. We cannot help but look up and search for the birds we are hearing as spring migration arrives. For those of us who live here in Massachusetts, spring migration tends to hit its peak in May.

So how do we celebrate this migration? We hold an event, Bird-a-thon, Mass Audubon's largest annual fundraiser. On May 13–14, our team of birders from Blue Hills Trailside Museum, Moose Hill, Museum of American Bird Art, and Stony Brook will set out across the state to search for as many species as possible for 24-hours. 

A contribution of any amount helps! 

$25 will help cover the expense of a half-dozen ponding trays. 

$125 will cover the expense of planting two wildlife friendly native fruiting trees.

$500 will cover a camp scholarship for a full week of camp at any one of our four Nature Centers. 

$1,500 will provide food and enrichment for the Otter or Snowy Owl at the Blue Hills for 6 months.

On top of competing for most species seen across the state, we will also be participating in the Sitting Duck competition this year, where we will set up a 25 foot diameter circle that we sit in and bird from. This is a very accessible and great opportunity for folks who would prefer to bird with us and learn more about Mass Audubon, birding, and having fun!

You can support Team Metro South, or a specific team member, by making a donation through this secure fundraising website. We hope you might consider a donation of $125, but every dollar counts and every donation is appreciated. Thank you for cheering us on – we can’t wait to share the results from this year with you!

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