Mass Audubon Bird-a-thon 2023


Islands Team

Felix Neck • Nantucket

From May 12–13, nature heroes from all over Massachusetts will celebrate nature by participating in Bird-a-thon, Mass Audubon's largest annual fundraiser. Teams representing different Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuaries and programs compete to raise money, complete family-friendly nature activities, and see which of them can identify the greatest number of bird species in a single 24-hour period.

Bird-a-thon takes place at the height of spring migration, the perfect time to spot a stunning variety of Massachusetts wildlife in habitats ranging from forests to rocky coastlines to our own island beaches. It's a vivid reminder of the wonders—and fragility—of the natural world that surrounds us.

The Islands Sanctuaries are participating in this event to raise much needed funds to support our environmental education programs, including the scholarship funds for camp and preschool, managing our trail systems, and continuing our mission of conservation advocacy.

Your donation helps to support:

  • Our Nature for all policy, with the purchase and maintenance of our Freedom chair, head phones, translation services, large print and tactile products, as well as our on going programs connecting with people of all abilities.
  • Nurture nature heroes though our Youth Climate Leadership Program with high-schoolers, nature preschool, adult education programs, and camp for young people.
  • Supporting Mass Audubon's land stewardship including on-going trail maintenance of our sanctuary's trail system, creating access-able trails, updated signage, and maps so the public can continue to safely enjoy nature on-island;
  • Funding the islands' Coastal Water Bird program to monitor and protect the Islands’ host of beach-nesting bird species including federally threatened or endangered species including Piping Plover, Least Terns, and Roseate Terns (Mass Audubon's Logo!)
  • Funding for our Fern and Feather Preschool and Summer Camp, giving future generations the opportunity to learn and connect with nature.

                             Thank you for your support!


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