Mass Audubon Bird-a-thon 2023

Red winged black bird
Red winged black bird

Metro South

Metro South Team

Spring migration is finally upon us and we can't wait to get out there with our binoculars to celebrate 40 years of Bird-a-thon!

On May 12 & 13, the Metro South Team, comprised of staff and volunteers from Blue Hills Trailside Museum, Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, Museum of American Bird Art Education Center, and Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, will collectively spend 24 hours counting as many bird species as possible to compete for several different trophies and awards while we fundraise for Mass Audubon.

Here are some ways you can participate with us if you join the Metro South Team!

Fundraise for Metro South and help us reach our goal of $40,000! Check out these fun individual and team fundraising awards. In addition, any individual Metro South team member who raises $4,000 or more will win a private animal encounter at Trailside Museum!
Join the Sitting Duck group at Stony Brook during the competition to help us defend our Sitting Duck trophy! This group will be birding from the Stony Brook boardwalk in a 25-foot diameter circle. This drop-in event is a great option for families or folks with limited availability or mobility. We will also have some fun activities set up outside of the circle. Come for as much or as little as you would like!
Join the Competitive Birding group and be assigned to a part of the state where you will be looking for specific birds as part of the official count that we will submit do defend our Brewster’s Cup trophy! This group is organized by Vin Zollo and he will be handing out the location assignments prior to the start of the competition.
Compete in completing the Nature Activities with your friends or family and get out there to see how much you can see while earning points for the team!


If you aren’t able to join our team efforts, you can also support Team Metro South, or a specific team member, by making a donation through this secure fundraising website. Here’s what your donation can do:

5 donations of $4: Covers the expense of a trip to the vet for one of our snakes.

$40: Gives an enrichment toy to our animal ambassadors at Trailside.  

$400: Provides 6 blue bird nesting boxes and 2 purple martin nesting gourds at our sanctuaries.

$4,000: Feeds the snowy owl and the otter at Trailside for 1 year.

See upcoming bird programs in Metro South where you can practice your skills and get to know some of the team. 

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