Mass Audubon Bird-a-thon 2023

North Shore

North Shore Team

Ipswich River ● Joppa Flats ● Endicott ● Nahant Thicket ● Marblehead Neck ● Eastern Point ● Cedar Pond ● Rough Meadows ● Kettle Island ● Osgood Hill ● Straitsmouth Island 

“Why should people care about birding? Well, it's another language. Anyone can look for a bird, but to know WHO it is that's talking, soaring, sitting in a bush... that's something else. Understanding nature is a big point of pride – and it cues you into another dimension, another existence.” – 16-year-old North Shore birder

Every day, people find new dimensions through understanding nature with Mass Audubon. On the North Shore, maybe it’s through a natural place, like Nahant Thicket, Marblehead Neck, or Eastern Point – not to mention Ipswich River, Joppa Flats, and a handful of other beautiful, peaceful spots. Or maybe it’s a “wow” experience, like feeding a horseshoe crab; ponding with your preschooler for minibeasts; or observing a wild bird after it’s been banded and before it’s set free to complete its amazing migratory journey. Or maybe it’s something as simple as planting a native shrub to restore a habitat to its natural course.

Bird-a-thon is Mass Audubon’s annual reminder that these places and experiences – the opportunities to cue into another dimension – need your financial support! Everything we raise through the North Shore Bird-a-thon team goes directly to support our efforts to protect wild creatures and wild places here in Essex County.


               Donate! Click on the Donate Now button to make your gift to support the North Shore Team.

               Raise Money! Click on the Join Team button, join the North Shore Team as a fundraising participant, and start spreading the word among your friends that you support our efforts and they can too.

               Count Birds! Enter the traditional team birding competition on May 13 and 14. Click on the Join Team button, join as a participant, then be sure to click on Question #5 to sign up and bird. (see Birding Rules here)

Your donation to our Bird-a-thon will help us…

EDUCATE all ages through innovative approaches focusing on adult birding programs, youth empowerment, nature-based preschool, and summer camp.

ENGAGE volunteers and interns to steward land, improve habitat, contribute to science, and inspire others to care for the environment.

PROTECT thousands of acres of the natural world, enhance vital habitat for birds and other wildlife, and maintain many miles of trails.

ADVOCATE for clean water and air, mobilizing people to action through programs, experiences, and sharing their voices.

COLLABORATE with state and federal agencies, NGOs, and other organized groups to have greater collective impact.

… and much, much more.

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